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What do men think during sex?


What do men think during sex?

From invalid items, to grandmothers. The list is long… about what men think to keep a little longer during sex! Reaching orgasm is both the purpose of sex, right? But what happens when this completion for the man comes much faster? It is certainly not something extremely rare and has happened to all of us, claim escorts.

Somehow, the British sexual health company ‘ZavaMed’ decided to do a research, on what men can think during sex, in order to keep a little longer.

The survey involved more than 1,000 people from Europe and America and found that 4% said they were thinking of their ‘grandmother’ at the time of the operation to delay ejaculation. And the remaining 96% of the answers were of particular interest.

17 Irrelevant thoughts

A large percentage of respondents answered that they often think of irrelevant objects, such as door knobs, tables, and even food, which are not as attractive in appearance (such as Roquefort). In other words, look at the space a little, focus on an object and start thinking about it intensely. Maybe it works. Who knows;

1. Sports

The truth is that we think about the sports and the course of our team several times a day. But during sex? And yet, there are some who are thinking of a heavy defeat for their team at the moment.

2. Daily works

As it was seen from the answers, there are also those who put in their minds some boring tasks of their daily life, in order not to reach orgasm quickly. From throwing rubbish in the bin, to washing the car or paying the rent.

3. Unattractive people

And yet the thought of ‘grandparents, parents’, but also of celebrities who do not arouse erotic interest seems to help many in their attempt not to finish before their time.

4. Mathematical operations

According to the research, there were many who answered that what helps them to stay longer in sex is the thought of mathematical operations. Essentially in this way their brain is detuned from the sexual act and focuses on mathematics.

5. Ok, will it really happen?

You never want to go with 100 when she is around 35. So you try to push things without being too stressful or filling her with sweets and loves. It is a matter of balance.

6. How long do I have to stay down there?

On the way to the point in question you stop at one chest. Nice so far. Now do you have to do the same with the other? Is this weird or just a balance? Once you get down there how long do you have to stay in the area? I mean we can do this all day but you do not want it to make sense to you because it is paralysed from the waist down.

7. Do not take this stupid face

Do you know these sexy faces in the movies? This is not exactly what is happening. You usually look like you are eating hot pepper while trying to figure out what Donnie Darko will become.

8. This position is good but do we need to change?

Changing your position during sex is always a gamble. You are in the mood and everything feels good but what will happen if we change position and everything is much better?

9. Eventually we should have stayed in the last stop

It was no better, this is a nightmare. So can you go back to the previous one? Are you stuck in the news now? It’s like trying to pick the fastest queue in the supermarket, except that instead of a basket full of things we are talking about your penis.

10. Can I stay in her while we change positions?

It is not so difficult to pull back and take a position again but for some reason men insist on trying to stay inside a woman while changing attitudes. Why; We are not an avatar with tails joined.

11. Oh, I broke something in one of us

You go with so much force and speed that you can suddenly hear a sound as you pull, push it forward or hit it hard in the pelvis. Either you broke your boyfriend or you seriously injured her.

12. Now was that good or bad?

Does he make that sound because he really likes it or just pretends to hurry and finish? I imagine you will think about it for the next 10 minutes and you will not enjoy sex!

13. Cramp!

The only thing that can bring the cessation of the act faster than your mother booking the room with a baby and both of them shouting your name. And this happens very rarely.

14. Hold on, hold on, hold on

If you have ever wondered if you can lose your erection during sex, you have probably just lost it completely because as soon as that thought enters your mind you are done. God forbid if he even points out to you that you are not as hard as before. She could make a Facetime call with her ex and they both point at you and laugh.

15. I’m getting closer and so is she. Stay strong!

When you are both close to the top, you know that you have to keep going hard to make it finish but with the speed you have you will finish first (especially if he tells you “I’m close, don’t stop” style rules). You can of course continue for a few seconds after you reach orgasm but this can deflate at any time.

16. Continue or stop?

If she finishes while you are still fully erect you need to figure out if you should stop for a minute or just keep going. You do not want to be the guy who runs at 70 while the speed limit has dropped to 35.

17. Really no one on Earth has had as good sex as I do now

When you do well you believe that you are the best lover in the world and that these were the four best minutes in her whole life.

What every man thinks during sex…

From the most common to the most improbable things to what the man thinks while having sex is a thing that no woman will ever understand.

When one is with the right person, sex at the right time can be the most beautiful thing in the world. We have all experienced it, we all know how it is, we can all understand that it contains enormous amounts of anxiety. Both partners are thinking a lot at the time, mainly men to keep it last longer.

But with all this, is the true meaning of sexual intercourse lost, which is the enjoyment of the moment with your partner? Escorts call girls, say…


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