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Signs that the sewer is clogged


A clogged sewer is arguably the most extreme issue that can occur in your sewer, according to Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου. Drainage clogs are usually the result of years of poor maintenance. But it can also be the result of damage to the pipes and sewer systems or degradation of the pipes themselves.

Ideally, your drains should be serviced regularly to prevent collapse, but sometimes serious damage can be unavoidable. You should act on a sewer collapse as soon as possible to minimize the cost of repairing and restoring its operation.

But how does one understand that the sewer has a problem?

The sewer is clogged regularly or sewage is returned to the house. When the sewer is clogged, this can be solved by clogging or cleaning the drains, but if your home suffers from regular clogging it may be broken somewhere.

If no sewer research has been done, it can be difficult to tell if a blockage is needed or if there is damage. If you have regular problems then a camera diagnosis will detect any damage that interferes with the operation of your sewer. After that, the problem can be fixed once and for all.

Bad smell

This is probably one of the first symptoms you may notice. The smell of sewage around your drains or in your home may indicate damage somewhere along the pipe. Again, this could disappear after your drains are clogged or cleaned. If you have a broken drain, the smell will return in due course.

Problem with mice

You may think you are incredibly unlucky when you have both mice and a sewer problem. The truth is that they could easily be connected. When a sewer is damaged – cracked then it easily becomes an entry point for mice. Rodents can easily find their way to your damaged sewer and make their nest in your sewer.If you have noticed that mice have infected your home through your sewers, call an expert immediately.

Moisture or mold

When your sewer is damaged, the flow of water through your home will be affected. This can create wet patches on your walls. Moisture leads to mold, which creates an unhealthy living environment for children and those living in the house. If mold has started to appear in your home and is accompanied by a sewer odor, it is likely that something bad has happened.

Slow drainage in the sewer

Slow drains are frustrating and annoying. If after a blockage or cleaning the drainage is still slow then something more serious is likely to happen. A camera inspection will show if your sewer has collapsed or been damaged in any way. It can also have roots. Then your drains can be completely repaired to maximize their efficiency.

These are just some of the common signs of a sewer collapse. Whether you suspect your sewers have been severely damaged, Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου has the skills and equipment to detect and resolve major and minor problems. They work immediately and safely at all times and will work closely with you to ensure that the most appropriate solution for you is implemented.

The sewer system needs care in use, as some of our simple daily habits can sometimes ensure the proper functioning of the sewer and sometimes destroy it. There are some materials that we tend to throw without thinking into the sewer system. However, some of them can cause a serious problem and lead to a clogged sewer.

The combination of soap, water and hair can create serious problems and clog the sinks, bathtub or sinks in the bathroom. Dirt, hairs, hair and other impurities that are removed with soap and water pass into the drain and stick to the walls blocking the flow of water.

As with soaps and bristles, food and grease residues can clog the drain. The problem here is usually have sinks in the kitchen. Fats and food debris when they pass into the sewer pipes stick to the walls and form a viscous mass on which other materials stick. These materials are usually the main cause that leads to a clogged sewer.

You should know that these products are made of special water absorbent materials. In other words, they absorb water and so when we throw them in the sewer, it is certain that it will clog and in fact soon. You should dispose of these items directly in the rubbish and never in the toilet bowl. If your sewer blockage has already occurred, then contact Αποφράξεις – Αντωνίου and they will resolve the matter immediately.

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