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Everything you need to know about mobile phone cases


The case is essential for a smartphone – θήκες κινητών – . In this article there is everything you need to know about mobile phone cases. Unfortunately, not a few users feel that their mobile phone does not need protection because they use it a little and usually do not go out with it. Fortunately, there are many options in different cases depending on the device. To choose the ideal type for you, you need to know the options you have and the advantages of each.

 What should I pay attention to when designing the case?

  • The case must have a proper fit on the mobile
  • It should fasten properly at the corners
  • The button cuts should be in the correct position
  • The camera, speaker and microphone cuts are in the correct position
  • The cuts in the charging and headphone jacks must be in the correct position
  • Be designed to absorb vibrations
  • Do not affect the phone signal

What types of cell phone cases are there?

Mobile Skin Cases Skin cases protect the phone perimeter as well as its back, leaving, however, exposed the most basic and important part of the smartphone, which is its screen. They offer comfort and immediate accessibility in the use of the device.

Flip-Cover Mobile Cases

Flip-cover cases provide more protection than skins, because the mobile screen is also protected in some way. However, it is not so practical for people who use the mobile phone very often, since each time they have to open the front cover.

Pouch Mobile Cases

They are compatible with all types of mobiles regardless of the brand of the device. The choice in the size of the case is made depending on the dimensions of the device. They give style, enclose the cell phone and offer it the protection it needs in everyday use.

Bumper Mobile Cases

Bumper offers a basic perimeter protection to the mobile, leaving the back of the device exposed as well as the screen. They also do not alter the shape, weight and style of the smartphone.

Armband Mobile Cases

Armband cases are essentially armband cases, designed for sports, ideal for running and offer comfort in movement. Therefore, there is no risk of the phone falling out of a pocket, and on the other hand there is complete protection of the device.

3D Mobile Cases

These are the most playful mobile cases, they usually protrude at various points or are too bulky and therefore may not be very convenient. They provide corresponding protection with the skin cases.

Waterproof Mobile Cases

This is a type of complementary and non-permanent case that protects the device from water, dust or sand that may be present during a visit to the sea or pool.

Cases – Mobile PowerBank

A smart case choice is the powerbank, which solves the problem of device autonomy, combined with its protection. But these cases add a lot of volume and weight to the device.

Full Cover Mobile Cases

Full covers are the most effective type of case in terms of the degree of protection of the device. They protect the mobile 360 ​​degrees on each side. These cases alter the shape, weight and style of the device.

What is the TPU that I come across in many mobile cases?

TPU (thermoplastic) is a plastic material that is extremely flexible, durable and soft. Its elasticity gives it resistance to scratches. Because it has these properties and is flexible, it is preferred by many industries and is a common material for mobile cases. The main advantage of TPU cases is that they are economical.

What is the best material for mobile cases?

The most common materials for mobile cases are plastic, silicone, metal, leather and wood. Each material has specific characteristics, which the user must take into account in order to find the case that suits his needs.

Plastic cell phone cases

They are cheap, lightweight, protect the phone from scratches, bumps and small drops, absorb vibrations, protect from moisture, are rigid, but are not durable and break easily.

Wooden mobile phone cases

They are special and have style. The designs can be unique and reminiscent of a work of art. They protect the outside of the phone, however they do not protect against vibrations and can cause damage to the inside of the phone after a fall. You do not find them easily, except in certain stores and they are usually expensive.

Leather mobile phone cases

They are classic and timeless, with style and elegance, they do not protect the mobile phone from moisture, but they protect it from scratches and they are resistant to falls. The quality of the skin affects how quickly the case will wear out. Synthetics wear out more easily while natural skins are durable, but there may be animal rights issues and they are also expensive.

Metal cases for mobile phones

They offer perhaps the best protection, especially if there is plastic or silicone inside, because this way they absorb vibrations and protect the inside of the mobile phone much better and the inside. They are heavy, durable and do not break. They can, however, affect the signal of the telephone by weakening it.

Silicone mobile phone cases

They are thin and flexible, they do not alter the appearance of the mobile phone, they fit perfectly in it and they keep its shape. They do not break easily, do not slip and are durable. Over time they turn yellow, get dirty easily and are relatively difficult to clean. They are economical, but provide little protection for the mobile phone.

At Thikishop online store you will find a huge variety of smartphone cases for over 300 phone models on the market today. The rapid development of technology in recent years has made the use of mobile phones more than necessary. Due to carelessness or haste, your smartphone may fall, resulting in a broken or cracked screen and its repair seems almost prohibitive due to high costs.

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