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 How to increase traffic in the online store yourself?


 How to increase traffic in the online store yourself?

The budget is running out and there is still not enough conversion? See what you can do for free or cheaply to increase the organic traffic in your online store, and thus the turnover and profits of your company. How do you get even more passers-by to come to your store and go out shopping? Here is a collection of tips for online stores A to Z.

How to increase traffic in your online store?

Blog posts and guides

Content marketing is a set of key activities that support the positioning of an online store. A well-run corporate blog, e-books, guides, webinars and online video conferencing, interesting newsletter and e-mail marketing require a lot of work, but can become an investment for years, becoming your private bank of phrases and keywords. Similar support for SEO and the popularity of your store can be a corporate podcast or YouTube channel with guide vlogs.

Micro influencers

Big names are big money. It may turn out, however, that 1000 influencers gathering 1000 followers around them may be much more valuable than one “million” Instagram star. It is their opinion that will matter much more to their closest friends and friends from social media. In addition, cooperation with them is very often based on the principle of “barter” and free products in exchange for their advertising in their social media.

Increasing website traffic – influencers

According to Paramarketing, micro-influencers have become so valuable to brands that contact banks and agencies have started to appear, specializing in people with a small, but faithful and trusted electorate. An example is Friends & Brands.

Customer opinions, reviews and comments

Each of these opinions is absolutely unique user-generated content, which influences the positioning of the website with a specific product and allows you to get better positions in long-tail phrases and queries on Google.

UGC – how to increase traffic in the online store?

Each review is additional, unique content for your website. It’s your property, so don’t give it back so easily. Watch out for “patches” such as Disqus – they make it easier to add a widget with comments on the store, but any reviews will not support the positioning of your product page.

Optimization of category, subcategory and product pages for SEO

SEO-friendly product descriptions, meta descriptions, incl. photos and graphics, correct names of link addresses, tagging, appropriate structure of headers and titles, FAQ or Q&A inside the product page with the most popular questions and answers, internal linking, removal of broken or non-existent pages # error_404 – this and much more will improve the position of product pages in your online store. Avoid descriptions and photos given to you from manufacturers. Bet on unique SEO-friendly content.

Referral program

Can every customer be a potential salesperson for your brand? Definitely yes. It is not about creating another MLM, but rather about creating a referral system in which, by persuading friends or followers to buy a product or service, your client has discounts and rebate coupons for their purchases. So as a result: he saves, you earn. Such partnership programs on the Polish market are offered to its customers by, for example, or the Helion group.

Clipboard with a pinch of remarketing

Do you happen to use the “clipboard”, eg on Allegro or in Empik? Are you adding products that you are considering buying or that you will need only some time later? You are not alone. Similar wishlists have already been implemented by many stores around the world to keep the customer even at this stage of the sales funnel.

By adding products to the shopping list, we can reach the user again through highly targeted and profiled remarketing, e.g. via mailing or Facebook / Instagram / Google Ads. The advertisements and the content of the e-mail will contain exactly the products that the customer has saved. Nice reminder, right? Remarketing is one of the cheapest and most effective forms of paid advertising on the web.

Sale and promotion of products outside the store

Allegro, Amazon, Ceneo, Google Shopping – publishing your products on these websites can significantly help you increase the number of visits and conversions. The costs are high because the websites are commission-based (apart from Google Shopping, which is free). However, if you add any incentive to your packages to remain a user of your online store, e.g. a discount for subsequent purchases or some free in exchange for registering in the store, you may be able to win a new electorate.

Google Shopping – How To Increase Website Traffic?

More and more internet users start their search for products from Google Shopping. Do not forget about this channel of distribution and promotion of your products.

Social media

Posts, contests or infographics, with appropriate tags and hashtags, can bring valuable traffic to your website and present your product in a completely new light. Keeping an account on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter will help you reach new people who would never come to your store by themselves, and also help in cross-selling and up-selling. Aesthetic and interesting profiles in social media will encourage you to visit your website, as will the beautiful and eye-catching signage of a stationary store.

Also remember the Facebook Store and the Instagram Store. Marking products in posts and photos is a significant help for Internet users. Remember: the fewer clicks to checkout and the more social “links”, the better.

Social media – increasing traffic in the online store

Beautifully run profiles on Instagram are the domain of companies dealing with interior accessories. Instagram Westwing definitely encourages shopping and raises the thought: “I want to have it at home”, right?

Google business card

Google Maps is a huge support for local online stores. After all, many customers may wish to order goods in person on the same day. This is your chance. A well-groomed Google listing with up-to-date data, posts and information about promotions can increase sales near your business location. Importantly, the service is free, so don’t be fooled. Additionally, reviews posted there by Local Guides will increase the credibility of your brand. How to fight for positive reviews in a Google Business Card? Read on our blog.

Entries in FB, LinkedIn and Quora groups

Do you still remember internet forums? For millenials it is something unimaginable, almost like teletext, yet Internet forums have survived to this day. Only in a completely different form. Their counterpart are interest groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. And on top of that, Quora, which is one big global forum.

How To Increase Traffic – Google Alerts

A free tool from Google, Alerts, and also the Polish Brand24 can help you in research, searching for entries and articles on a given topic. Thanks to these tools, it will be easier for you to find a space on the web where you can mention your products in the right context, with class and with an idea.

More organic traffic in the online store

There are many ways to visit your store more. Remember that the fight for the first 10 positions in Google continues, and only these really count.

How to increase traffic in the online store yourself?

A higher position in the search results means more organic traffic and more conversions, and ultimately more money in the company’s account. This algorithm sounds great, right? So let’s go! If these are your first steps in e-commerce, we keep our fingers crossed!

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